Built on foundation of Safety

At Rps Infrastructures, safety isn’t simply a process to follow – it is the foundation of our mission as a company and a fundamental part of our culture. Rps Infrastructures employees of all levels prioritize safety above all else, making it the most important consideration in any job.

Our number one goal is to make it easy for our employees to be safe throughout the entirety of a project. To help with that, we utilize a carefully developed process that incorporates safety into every step of a  job.


Our Safety Motto

Our safety motto, “Everyone Goes Home” means every person on every job site can count on going home safe and whole. There is nothing more important to a job than the safety of our employees.
Our process includes considering safety precautions in the planning phase of a project, requiring a pre-task analysis before every action. But it also increases accountability of everyone on the job site.
We empower employees of all levels to take responsibility for both their own safety and the safety of others. Each and every employee has the power to speak up and stop work whenever they have safety questions or concerns.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​